Alarm Medication Reminder with Locking Pill Dispenser

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Alarm Medication Reminder with Locking Pill Dispenser

Never Forget your Medication Again!

Six alarms make it possible to set up the MED-E-LERT for up to six times daily

* The alarm can also be configured for one time daily or four times daily

* Alarm Sounding for 30 minutes or until medications are dispensed

* Six Dosage Rings for customized dosage settings


Easy to program-only 3 buttons

* Trays for the MED-E-LERT have 28 slots for medication

* Each slot can hold up to 18 aspirin sized pills

* The improved locking mechanism and custom barrel key reduce the likelihood of tampering, over medicating or medication theft

* The MED-E-LERT's high impact plastic cover has been improved with small holes to allow for better sound travel making the new MED-E-LERT easier to hear

* It includes a blinking light for the hearing impaired

* Completely portable

* Ideal for in-home use or by caregivers in a caregiving facility

* Comes with 4 AA batteries

* One year limited warranty *