Dr Comfort OVER-THE-CALF knee-hi Diabetic Comfort Sock

DRC Over-The-Calf
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Dr Comfort OVER-THE-CALF knee-hi Diabetic Comfort Sock

Dr. Comfort's Over-The-Calf length comfort sock features Nano Bamboo Charcoal Fiber Padding in heel and forefoot.

Y-shaped heel and toe construction eliminates bunching.

Graduated upper encourages blood circulation.

The dye in colored socks doesn’t bleed out of the fabric, reducing your risk of foot infection.

One-inch single-rib welt reduces constriction.

Comfortabe protection that is breathable and supportive. 

Unisex Sizing:

XS= Mens 4-6, Womens 5-7

SM= Mens 6.5-8, Womens 7.5-9

MD= Mens 8.5-10, Womens 9.5-11

LG= Mens 10.5-12, Womens 11.5-13

XL= Mens 12.5-15, Womens 13+

Nano Bamboo Charcoal Fiber (NBCF) is a special fiber with many great health benefits. It releases Far Infrared Rays that are believed to help promote blood circulation and increase Anion production. NBCF is also a natural deodorizer and can absorb and decompose benzene, phenol, methanol, sulfides, nitrides, etc. It helps reduce odors from NH3 gas, adjust for moisture, release Anions and restrain microbial growth. Another great benefit of NBCF is its ability to regulate skin temperature, keeping your feet cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. NBCF is also environment friendly, as no chemicals are required for this product to have such wonderful properties. It is a renewable resource!

Machine washable in warm water, dry on low temperature.