Men's Anti Strip Jumpsuit Style 9

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Black women's anti_slip clothing


Caregivers for those with dementia or Alzheimers appreciate these anti-strip jumpsuits.

Discourage inappropriate undressing and an ideal solution for those with a tendency to undress.

Won't allow undressing, self toileting of diaper removal.

Zips closed  with a metal heavy duty zipper which opens by raising the zipper up to neckline and closes from the top down. Zipper pull is then tucked into small pocket, which makes it difficult for wearer to unzip, yet easy for the caregiver to unzip.      

Reinforced round neckline & short sleeves.

Graduated rise for better fit.

Assorted solid masculine colors in durable cotton/poly fabric.

Optional buckle can be added at top of zipper. It makes it more difficult for the wearer to unzip.

Made in U.S.A.

Please Note: New stock does not feature elastic at waist and ankles. Image will be updated shortly.