Adaptive Full-Length Side-Zipper Knit Pant with pockets,- Opens TOP to BOTTOM

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Benefit Wear Full-Length Side-Zipper KNIT Pants with Pockets-Open from TOP to BOTTOM

The unique design of the Adaptive Full-Length Side-Zipper Knit Pants is for both males and females. The simplistic design of the pants will provide you with maximum comfort and allows the caregiver to have enough working space. Having two full-sized zippers on both sides, which runs from the waist/ankles to the ankle/waist, helps to get the best possible wearing and removal experience compared to other pants.

The jacket-like pant opening opportunity provides better access for providing proper care. The two side pockets allow the user to store things like tissues, toys, medicines, and more. The amply opening possibility also assists in dressing/undressing effortlessly. The waistband with the drawstring of the trousers is fully elastic, which helps to give you a better fit and comfortable wearing experience. These pants are available in many different waist sizes, so you can find the one that best fits you. The machine-washable feature of the pants provides you with an easy cleaning option.


ADAPTIVE DESIGN: These adaptive pants with two full-length side zippers make them easy to put on or take off, especially If assisted dressing is needed. Zippers start to open from top/bottom and open down to ankles/waist and then separates
HIGH-QUALITY: Made with top-quality cotton jersey knit clothing fabrics provide ultimate comfort and relaxation. Easy care fabric is warm water machine washable and dryer safe
PERFECT BODY FIT: The strategically placed full-zipper design helps to fit the lightweight knit pants perfectly without any problem. The elastic waistband with drawstring provides you with the utmost comfort
FITS EVERYONE: The unique pants are made to be used by both males and females. The jacket-like zipper opening design of the trousers helps to provide you with a better caregiving opportunity
ADAPTS ALL SAPES: The various range of waist sizes allow every body size to enjoy all the benefits provided by these pants for men and women


Advance Features:

  • Adaptive style pants with two full length side zippers.
  • Zippers starts to  open from top and opens down to ankles and then separates. (Like a jacket zipper)
  •  Opens amply on both sides to assist in dressing/undressing and personal care.
  • Zippers open from the waist down to the ankles.
  • Full elastic waistband with drawstring.
  • Two side pockets.
  • Available in assorted neutral solid colors such as black, navy, grey in cotton/poly pique knit.
  • Machine washable.
  • Standard Inseam: 29-30 inches
  • Made in USA by Benefit Wear