Kid's Anti-Strip, Back-Zipper Onesies-Like Underwear

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Kid's Anti-Strip, Back-Zipper Onesies-Like Underwear

Anti-strip underwear is designed to discourage inappropriate undressing for those with Autism, tactile sensitivity or sensory issues.

Parents and caregivers appreciate these anti-strip jumpsuits which won't allow undressing, self toileting or diaper removal.

Features a long back zipper from neckline thru waist.

Tab and snap closures at the back neckline, making it more difficult for the wearer to open and remove.

It will discourage inappropriate undressing and is an ideal solution for those with a tendency to undress.

The knit fabric is soft, non itchy is perfect for wearing all day.

Can be worn as is, as an undergarment, or with clothing, pajamas layered over it

90% Cotton/10% Poly Jersey knit. 

Unisex style. White or Black

Made in U.S.A.