BENEFIT WEAR Men's Picot Dress Shirt with Velcro® Brand Closure-Long Sleeve, Light Blue

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Light Blue

Does arthritis or limited mobility make buttoning a shirt difficult?

We makes this dressing task easier by placing Velcro® brand closure tabs behind the front placket.

The buttons are sewn onto the front placket for a nice appearance although they are non functional.

Shirt can be worn with top button left open with no Velcro® visible.

65% Cotton 35% Poly Picot. Long sleeves

Machine Washable.

Available in sizes M, L & XL

For other sizes see Men's Dress Shirt with Velcro® Brand Closure-Long Sleeve


M (15-15 1/2)

L (16-16 1/2)

XL (17-17 1/2)