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Health Tips at Adaptive Clothing Showroom

Some Easy Dressing Tip for Caregivers 

Independence in dressing and undressing is an important goal in assessing the need for those who need adaptive clothing. By providing the right style of clothing, independent dressing is encouraged and made possible. If assisted dressing is needed it can be made so much easier with the right kind of adaptive clothing.

A very important factor is trying to keep an elderly or infirm person in a happy and content state of mind. We are all aware of the fact that being clean, fresh and well groomed does so much to uplift our spirit. In no way should an elderly or disabled person be made to lounge around in pajamas all day! Make the effort to help them have easy to put on clothes that are comfortable, non restrictive and attractive. A pretty dress, a nice crisp shirt and slacks will put a smile on everyone's face-including yours!

Our experience in providing adaptive and special needs clothing for nursing home residents and listening to the concerns of nurses, family members and caregivers have given us an understanding of the difficulties being faced in helping the elderly, disabled or infirm to meet their need of dressing with ease. 

Click on the link above for dressing tips for those with a specific challenge. You may find the suggestions helpful.

On behalf of our elderly or disabled-Thank You!