Frequent changing may be needed, therefore make sure there is enough underwear in their wardrobe. Cut-out seats in the rear of the dresses, dusters and pants are a great solution for those who are incontinent as well as wheelchair or bed bound. They are comfortable for the wearer as there is no unnecessary fabric bunching up underneath them. However, modesty and dignity should never be compromised when using these clothes. For those who are ambulatory, choose adaptive pants and pant sets. They have side zipper closures which are easy for dressing and toileting.  Another good choice is back snap dresses that are easy to get into if frequent changing is necessary.

If incontinence underwear is needed, there are several styles available. For light incontinence use, a washable, absorbent and non-bulky looking brief may give one a feeling of security and peace of mind. A more bulky style brief or diaper may be needed for those with total incontinence. Another great item to consider is the womens incontinence half slip, which provides a moisture barrier, giving women an added sense of security.