Kids Ultra-Lightweight Sneaker Shoes

Posted by on 13th Feb 2024

For those with special needs, lightweight sneakers are a necessity, not a luxury.Lighter weight footwear causes less fatigue when walking.The reason is that the heavier the footwear, the more effort i … read more


12th Feb 2024

In this informative blog, we will explore the benefits and options when it comes to buying adaptive dresses for individuals with limited mobility. Whether you or someone you know requires assistance i … read more

Getting Someone Else Dressed-Make this Task Easier

Posted by on 12th Feb 2024

Getting someone else dressed can be a challenging task, but with the right tips for helping someone get dressed, it can become easier and more efficient. In our blog, "Getting Someone Else Dressed-Mak … read more

Clothing for Children with Autism

Posted by on 11th Feb 2024

Children with autism and other developmental disorders sometimes engage in the habit of removing their clothes.Autism or children with Sensory Processing Disorder often have a hyper sensitivity to cer … read more

Got a Problem? Let help each other.

Posted by Beth at Benefit Wear on 11th Feb 2024

Are you facing an issue with your special needs child, elderly parent, caregiver to a disabled, handicapped for stroke patient.Or do you have an idea, hack or great resource to help those with similar … read more