Thrive in Your Golden Years with These Simple Moves

18th Jun 2024

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Alzheimer’s Disease: How To Cover The Costs

4th Jun 2024

When a loved one is diagnosed with a disease like Alzheimer’s, there are so many things to think about. From figuring out what kind of care is required to how it will be paid for, the details can q … read more

Mens Anti Strip Jumpsuits

Posted by on 5th Apr 2024

Mens Anti Strip Jumpsuits - Adaptive Clothing ShowroomAssorted Mens Anti Strip Jumpsuits You asked for it. We listened. Our Polo-Top Anti-Strip Jumpsuits are available now in sizes up t … read more

Clothing for Children with Autism

Posted by on 21st Mar 2024

Children with autism and other developmental disorders sometimes engage in the habit of removing their clothes.Autism or children with Sensory Processing Disorder often have a hyper sensitivity to cer … read more