Finding the Perfect Accessible Home After an Accident

Posted by on 3rd Jul 2024

Instead of owning a home, many families choose to rent as they value flexibility and prefer not to be on the hook for major repairs. If you're among the 26% of U.S. adults living with a disability, however, your home may still require specific changes to make your new living space comfortable and accessible. But you don’t have to sacrifice style for accessibility.

Today, Adaptive Clothing Showroom shares some advice on how to create the perfect accessible home, even if you’re renting.

Invest in Adaptive Clothing

Adaptive clothing offers essential value following a car accident by providing ease of dressing for individuals with limited mobility or injuries, ensuring comfort and accessibility without aggravating sensitive areas. It promotes independence and dignity for those in recovery, allowing them to manage daily tasks more effectively and reducing the need for external assistance. Additionally, adaptive clothing is designed with features like Velcro, magnets, and open-back garments, which facilitate quick and less painful dressing, crucial for those with temporary or permanent physical impairments. Check out Adaptive Clothing Showroom to learn more!

Handi-Accessible Turned Handi-Exceptional

Installation of handrails and grab bars may be necessary to assist with navigation, sitting, and standing. But these bulky, plastic add-ons can instantly take the vibe of your new home from fab to drab. But wait – luxury lines have been unveiled offering products in an array of metal finishes to complement any decor. Innovative designers have even created handrails and grab bars that double as towel racks, toilet paper holders, and shower stands. For those restricted to wheelchairs, hardwood floors serve as a durable, easily navigated, flooring option while dramatically upping your fashion factor.

Find a Chiropractor

Finding a chiropractor who specializes in this type of work following a car accident can be invaluable for addressing musculoskeletal injuries, such as whiplash and spinal misalignments, promoting quicker and more effective recovery. It provides targeted, non-invasive treatment that helps reduce pain, inflammation, and stiffness, enhancing overall mobility and quality of life. Furthermore, chiropractic adjustments can improve nervous system function and prevent chronic issues, supporting long-term health and well-being post-accident.

Home Sweet Office

Increased availability of jobs offering work-from-home options has been a game-changer for employees with disabilities or in recovery from serious injuries. If your new home needs to double as a workspace, keep these considerations in mind:

Maintain separate living and office space.Dedicate an area in your home with little-to-no outside noise distractions as your new home office. This allows you to remain focused and productive while inspiring creativity and ingenuity, and setting boundaries also promotes work-life balance.

Create as much natural light as possible. Natural light has been shown to reduce stress and improve work performance. While proper lighting is essential for anyone – abled or disabled – for those with mental health disorders or chronic medical conditions, a work environment void of windows has proven to worsen health issues.

Determine necessary modifications to existing hardware and software. Take advantage of new technology, such as speech recognition software, amplified or close-captioned phones, and extra-large keys on your keyboard to improve the quality of your work.

Giving Your Hobby Some Love

It's important to take time for yourself and to indulge in the things you love doing. Consider dedicating a room to your hobby, whatever it may be, and allow yourself to use it as frequently as you need to. Not only will it help you to switch out of your working mindset, but taking part in your favorite hobby will also relieve stress and put you in a better mood.

Function Finds Fashion

Modifying a rented home to suit your accessibility needs can be challenging. However, if you embrace this design challenge with some planning, dedication, and a renewed sense of style, you can create a safe and accessible home bursting with personality!

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