Dressing Tips for the Elderly

Sensitive skin, chills, immobility, and the use of walkers or wheelchairs are a common factor for the elderly geriatric person. Sensitive skin will appreciate cotton underwear or soft 100% polyester silk-like fabrics.

Clothing should preferably be easy to put on and take off without too much fussing of extra fasteners. Balance is a concern, so the easier to step into or out of clothing the better.

Soft arm grips for walkers and  arm rests for wheelchairs are so appreciated by those whose senstive skin on palms & arms are irritated by walker and wheelchair use.  Bags and pouches that attach easily to walkers and wheelchairs make everyday life so much easier by keeping thing organized, handy and within reach. Chills can be kept at bay with extra layering of sweaters, or lap & shoulder throws.

For those who are bed bound, garments with cut-out seats are a comfortable choice-no excess fabric bunching up underneath them.