Alzhieimers, Autism or Dementia


Disrobing is an unpleasant side effect of those suffering from Alzheimer’s, or Autism. The disrobing may occur any time during the day or night. Disrobing may occur because of sensory issues, a feeling that it is time to undress for bed or shower, a sense of unease or restrictive clothing.

 Back zipper anti-strip, one piece jumpsuits are styled to discourage or prevent undressing.  They can be worn as is, as nightclothes or under daytime clothing. T

 A simple routine in the dressing process are the best thing for those with developmental delay due to Autism, or  Alzheimer's.  Clothing that easily pull over the head such as dresses or pant-sets.  Keep the clothing simple without having to fuss with belts, buttons or zippers. A simple elastic waist pull on pants are also a good choice.

 Shoes can be slip-on type or an easy Velcro or Touch closure.




Need more information? Go to Alzheimer's Association-National health organization supporting Alzheimer's research, programs and services.