Children's Anti-Strip Onesie Bodysuit with Bottom Snaps

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Anti-strip underwear is designed to discourage inappropriate undressing for kids and teens.

It protects against diaper or clothing o removal for those with cognitive impairment, Autism, tactile sensitivity or sensory issues. 

The soft knit fabric is non-itchy and comfortable for day or nighttime use.

Can be worn as an undergarment,  with daytime or nighttime clothing  layered over it.

Easily pulls over the head and closes with reinforced snaps on the bottom.

If studs are closed this garment can also be stepped into. (like a bathing suit).

Bodysuit is easy for caregiver to don and helps maintain greater dignity.

Unisex style allows for the snaps to be positioned either closing in the front or back, whichever is more comfortable for the wearer.

90% Cotton/10% Spandex 

Unisex style. White or Black

Made in Canada