CLEARANCE-M-AIR Athletic Lace Lightweight Sneakers for Kids Boys & Girls

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MAIR Kids Ultra Light Athletic Lace Mesh Sneaker Shoe for Girls or Boys


The M-Air Athletic Lace Sneakers are one of the most comfortable and all-purpose sneakers there are. These modern and unique shoes are made to provide you with the ultimate comfort while being very lightweight to keep your feet relaxed and stress-free.

The unique mesh fabric design of the sneakers helps eliminate the bad smell from accumulating. This allows your child to have fresh smell-free feet at all times. The easy-to-wash materials allow you to wash the sneakers without any hesitation, and keep them looking like new every time. These amazing sneakers are very attractive and appealing to children of all ages. You can let your children use these casual sneakers to go to parties, meetups, birthdays, and more.


DURABLE & LONGLASTING: The M-AIR Athletic Lace Sneakers are made with very high-quality materials that strengthen the base of the shoe. Made with good quality rubber sole which prevents slipping and provides better gripping solutions

LIGHTWEIGHT: The light material of the shoe lessen muscle strain and fatigue. This allows you to enjoy yourself for a long time without getting stressed or worn out.

ULTIMATE COMFORT: The M-Air athletic lace sneakers are perfect for providing you with the utmost comfort at all times without fail. Provides relief and comfort for your feet after a long day of working out, exercising, working, and more.

UNIQUE PROPERTIES: The M-Air Athletic Lace Sneakers are fitted with breathable mesh fabric materials which allow your feet to breathe when it needs to. This helps to eliminate unwanted bad odor from accumulating

ALL PURPOSE USAGE: These amazing sneaker shoes for kids are very attractive while being very comfortable too. You can use these casual everyday sneakers for school, playing, running, and more without any hesitation


Advance Feature:

  • MAIR Kids Ultra Lightweight Lace sneaker shoes Weigh under 5 ounces!
  • Girls and Boys Both use
  • Ideal for wearing indoors or outdoors
  • Relief and comfort for those with heavy, tired feet.
  • Lightweight footwear will lessen muscle strain and fatigue.
  • Removable insole with cushioned heel pad.
  • Breathable mesh material.
  • Kids Sizes 10,11,12,13
  • Youth: 1,2,3,4