Do you have a physical showroom or just a virtual one?

Yes and no! Adaptive Clothing Showroom started out as a kind of 'Showroom' were we set up a showroom-like store for a few hours at nursing homes within our tri-state area, hence our 'Showroom' name. This gave the residents, or caregivers the opportunity to shop for their clothing needs in a boutique-like ambiance. We later launched our online website to reach a broader customer base.

I am a size 2X. I feel like I am being 'penalized' by having to pay $2 more for the dresses I often purchase.

You may have noticed that many of our clothing do not have one set price for all sizes. As the sizes get larger we must charge extra for the higher production cost. Instead of having a flat rate price (usually the average or highest) we will charge according to the size you are ordering. That way we can keep our prices down for the smaller sizes and adjust the price if a larger size is needed.

Why can't I choose the colors for the clothing item I wish to purchase?
Most of our clothing is manufactered to provide special needs clothing for residents in nursing or health care facilities. We therefore provide clothing in sometimes over 20 colors or prints, so they have a wide variety, and do not look like they are wearing uniforms! We do not always have every color available in all sizes either. As most adaptive clothing is sold for their function, we find that most of our customers prefer to get thier item quickly and therefore are willing to compromise on colors. By doing so, orders are shipped out fast, without having to wait for the specific color to be restocked. We most certainly do want to please your taste, so please indicate your color preference in the comment field (can be found near the item's  description). We will try our utmost to please you.  If you are ordering several different item just ask us to coordinate it.
I would like to pay by check or money order. How do I place my order?
You can place your order online or by phone. Select the 'Check' or 'Money Order' option on the checkout page. Submit your order and print the confirmation page. Then just mail your check or money order to Adaptive Clothing Showroom 12 Remsen Ave. Monsey NY 10952. Your order will be shipped when the check has cleared. For a faster option, you can select the PayPal payment option. Paypal allows you to pay using your check as an e-check.
Do you ship to countries outside of the USA?
Yes, we do ship to Canada and all worldwide destinations. We ship via USPS-United States Postal Service. Services include First Class Mail International (most economical)or Priority Mail International.  
I am seeing that most of the items I picked only go to 3X.  Which garments go to 5X?
The easiest way to find Adaptive Plus size garments is to click on the Plus Size link under the Adaptive Womens Clothing Category or for regular clothing go to the Plus Size link in the Womens Clothing Category '. All the clothing featured in the Plus Size category are available in sizes Small through 6X.
How do I redeem my Rewards Point? Click on the lower left 'Rewards Program' tab.  It will pop up and display your current points and link to redeem them.
Still have an unanswered question?
Ask, we will be happy to assist you.