Parkinson's & Falls

Up to two-thirds of people with Parkinson's experience falls each year. Falls and thier associated injuries are the main cause of hospital admissions among people with Parkinson's. People with Parkinson's also lack confidence  in doing daily living tasks for fear of falling which impacts thier quality of life.

A study by Primary Care Research Group at the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, has analysed the results of an exercise program to prevent falls in those with Parkinson's Disease. The researchers used a randomised controlled trial to track the effectiveness of an exercise program for people with Parkinson's disease who had a history of falls. It reported a reduction in falls among those  participating in the excercise intervention program.
The research showed a significant improvement in balance, a decrease in the fear of falling and increased levels of physical activity.

Risk of injury can be reduced with proper clothing and care. For mor information go to: Parkinson's Dressing Tips.


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