Womens Edema Bootie Slipper for Swollen Feet

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Benefit Wear Womens Edema Bootie Slipper for Swollen Feet

Womens Edema Bootie Slipper for Swollen Feet

Women's Edema Bootie Slipper for Swollen Feet is designed to provide comfort and accommodate individuals with swollen feet due to edema, a condition characterized by the accumulation of excess fluid.

COZY BOOTIE STYLE: These women's slipper boots feature a cozy and stylish bootie design, providing both comfort and fashion.

EASY FOOT INSERTION: The slipper opens fully, allowing for easy foot insertion, making it convenient for individuals with swollen feet or limited mobility.

SOFT FABRIC UPPER: The slippers have a soft fabric upper that feels gentle against the skin, promoting comfort and reducing irritation. With a faux shearling-like fur lining, these slippers provide additional warmth and a plush feel.

ADJUSTABLE VELCRO-LIKE CLOSURE: The slippers feature an adjustable Velcro-like hook and loop closure, allowing for a customized fit and easy adjustment. Designed with a closed back, these slippers provide added support and stability.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE: These slippers are very lightweight, ensuring a comfortable fit that doesn't weigh down swollen feet.

FOAM CUSHIONING: The slippers are equipped with foam cushioning, providing gentle support and cushioning for enhanced comfort.

ANTI-SKID RUBBER OUTSOLE: The slippers feature an anti-skid rubber outsole, offering traction and stability on various surfaces.

MACHINE WASHABLE: These slippers are machine washable, making them easy to clean and maintain.

COLOR AND SIZE: Edema Bootie Slippers can be found with various ranges of foot sizes and color variations. Enjoy all the benefits provided by these unique slippers for women

Advance Feature:

  • Women's Cozy Bootie Style Slipper opens fully for easy foot insertion.

  • Soft Fabric Upper with faux shearling-like fur lining for warmth.

  • Adjustable Velcro-like, hook & Loop closure. Closed back

  • Very lightweight and comfortable fit for swollen feet.

  • Foam Cushioning with Anti-Skid Rubber Outer sole.

  • Machine Washable.

  • Available in Light blue or Pink 

  • Sizes: M (5-6), L (7-8), XL (9-10), 2X (11-12).