Adaptive Cut-Away-Seat Modesty Pants-Size LARGE Only

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Adaptive Cut-Away-Seat Modesty Pants-Size LARGE Only

 Adaptive Cut-Away-Seat Modesty Twill Pants for Men or Women

Adaptive style pants with modesty seat panel that snaps closed in the back.

Makes toileting chore easier as pants do not have to be pulled down.

Modest option for those using bedside commode.

Open seat access makes dressing and personal care simpler.

Designed to be put on while seated in chair or wheelchair. Just slip on pant legs, and the panels wraps around the waist and fastens at the back with a sturdy snaps.

The panels have generous overlap, leaving you completely covered. Length of panel is 15 inches long.

Front flat waistband, with elastic back waistband.

Side pockets with added convenient leg pocket too.

Available in BLACK or DARK GREY only.- Size LARGE

Machine washable.

Made in USA