Adaptive Clothing Showroom

Easy Dressing for the Elderly and Disabled

Adaptive Clothing Showroom provides clothing that has been adapted to ease the dressing needs of the elderly, handicapped or disabled. Adaptive clothing is designed for those who are post-op, bedridden, wheelchair bound, or with limited mobility or dexterity. It makes independent dresing and undressing simpler, and easier for caregivers  if aided dressing is needed.

Many of our customers have limited mobility, or are disabled due to illness or aging. Arthritis, Alzheimer's, MS, Parkinson diseases, and Stroke all impact on independent dressing skills. Our nursing home & adaptive clothing is designed to foster as much independent dressing as possible and to assist caregivers by making aided dressing a lot simpler.

Browse our online store to also find a full line of special footwear, alzhiemer jumpsuits, wheelchair accessories, adult bibs and much more.

Also available is a full line of easy-care regular apparel and accessories geared for men and women residing at assisted living, or  nursing homes or rehabilitation centers. Clothing has been selected that must be easy to care for, and be able to withstand the rigors of institutional style washers and dryers.

Adaptive Clothing Showroom does all this with price affordability in mind, trying to provide high quality traditional and adaptive clothing for the elderly or disabled population at reasonable and competitive prices.

We are confident that we can fill your needs in providing affordable, quality nursing home, adaptive or regular clothing, suitable to your needs.